DEAN DIRG - 09/22/08

Dean Dirg - Myspace

Snotty German punks who love shit porn. Every song is a party. They played Haverhil, MA with Fit For Abuse (who should also come in) and the next day had time to come in a record this live set. Check them out on the rest of their US tour. The remaining dates can be found on their myspace above.

CULT RITUAL - 08/11/08

Blank Stare played with Cult Ritual a few times in Jan 08' and they were easily the best band we played with all tour. Turns out 8 months later in August they were even better.

Cult Ritual Live @ SideTwo


So this is another ego trip since I'm in the band but we recorded a live set in the studio for a tape we sold on our west coast tour in May 2008. At least this live tape actually got made. I figured I'd throw it up here anyway.

Social Circkle Live @ SideTwo

BLANK STARE - 02/07/08

Blank Stare Blog

So the plan was to record this live set so we could release a live tape. In typical Blank Stare fashion things didn't go as planned so I put it on the internet instead. This may still come out as a live tape, who knows?

Blank Stare Live @ SideTwo

ACID REFLUX - 01/17/08

Acid Reflux Blog

Total retards. High speed hardcore from Albany NY with whistles and lyrics about mangos and Applebees. Total retards.

Acid Reflux Live @ SideTwo

COKE BUST & SICK FIX - 01/04/08

Coke Bust - Myspace
Sick Fix - Myspace

Two great straight edge bands from the DC area. Totally underrated, check them out. Truly good dudes.

Coke Bust Live @ SideTwo
Sick Fix Live @ SideTwo


Goverment Warning - Myspace

Fast, raw and snotty as fuck. Government Warning are a bunch of southern hicks who've helped the south rise again along with other great bands from down there. They played Boston for the first time at the Ratscellar and before the show they came in and did a live set. Enjoy.